The New Communications Channels, Made Possible Through a Gift from the
Health Foundation of La Porte, Demonstrate Growth for Homeward-Bound

LAPORTE, IN – JUNE 2024 – Homeward Bound Villages, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building
affordable, cooperative housing solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its new website,, and social media channels. The website aims to educate the public about
Homeward Bound Villages’ mission, garner community support, and encourage donations to further its
cause of creating accessible, community-focused housing for individuals and small families in need. The
organization’s Facebook and Instagram channels were launched in coordination with the website
function to keep volunteers, donors, and the community engaged, educated, and updated on the
organization’s progress.

The new website features a clean, user-friendly design that allows visitors to easily navigate and learn
about Homeward Bound Villages’ innovative approach to rental housing that is affordable for people
with lower incomes. It includes detailed information about the organization’s efforts since its inception in
2017 and the upcoming project, Karwick Village, located in Michigan City. The website also explains the
Homeward Bound Villages
benefits of cooperative living and how the community can get involved through volunteering and

“The launch of our new website marks a significant milestone for Homeward Bound Villages,” said Sandi
Keller, President of Homeward Bound Villages. “We believe that everyone deserves access to a secure,
stable, and desirable place to call home that fosters a sense of community and empowerment. This
website, which was only possible through a generous gift from the Health Foundation of La Porte, will
serve as a vital tool in spreading awareness about our mission, engaging with supporters, and ultimately,
bringing us closer to our goal of creating more cooperative housing opportunities for those who need
them most.”

The organization’s social media channels also allow the community to stay engaged with the organization
by posting multiple times per week. The goal of the Facebook, Instagram, and website is to work as a
cohesive communication platform that provides a robust strategy to tell Homeward Bound Villages’
message of the need for housing solutions that are affordable in La Porte County as well as highlight
their cooperative housing model emphasizing community involvement, shared responsibilities, collective
decision-making among residents and eco-conscious design. This approach not only provides affordable
living options but also promotes social cohesion, skill-sharing, and a strong sense of belonging among
community members.

The website also features a donation portal, allowing supporters to easily contribute to Homeward
Bound Villages’ cause. Donations will directly fund the development of new cooperative housing
projects, volunteer opportunities, and gifts in kind. These gifts will ensure the long-term sustainability of
Homeward Bound Villages’ mission. At this time, Homeward Bound Villages’ housing projects are
rental-based and targeted at small households with extremely low incomes. Day-to-day operations are
managed by residents and supported by a part-time staff person.
“We are thrilled to invite the public to explore our new website and learn more about the transformative
power of cooperative housing,” added Keller. “Together, we can build stronger, more resilient
communities and provide affordable homes for countless families and individuals in need. We are
grateful to the Health Foundation of LaPorte for the generous grant that made this work possible.”
For more information about Homeward Bound Villages and to explore the new website, please visit